IP Blacklist Check

IP Blacklist Check

This web tool allows you to check IP address reputation against major IP blacklist databases. This is a simple that gives you result wihtin just a single click.

Just write your desired IP address in the box below and click on “Check” buttonCHECK

Blacklist Status for your IP:

rbl.abuse.roabuse.ro RBL
cbl.abuseat.orgComposite Blocking List
spam.dnsbl.anonmails.deDNSBL spam.dnsbl.anonmails.de
cblplus.anti-spam.org.cnChina Anti-Spam Alliance
b.barracudacentral.orgBarracuda Reputation Block List
mail-abuse.blacklist.jippg.orgJIPPG`s Relay Blackhole List Project
list.blogspambl.comBlog Spam Blacklist
dnsbl.cobion.comIBM DNS Blacklist
torexit.dan.me.ukdan.me.uk (only tor exit nodes)
dnsrbl.orgDNSRBL – The Real-time Blackhole List
rbl.efnetrbl.orgEFnet TOR
dnsbl.zapbl.netZapBL DNSRBL
bsb.empty.usBlog Spam Blocklist (empty.us)
bsb.spamlookup.netBlog Spam Blocklist (spamlookup.net)
fresh.spameatingmonkey.netSpam Eating Monkey SEM-FRESH
multi.surbl.orgSURBL multi (Combined SURBL list)
uri.blacklist.woody.chWoodys SMTP Blacklist URIBL
dnsbl.spfbl.netDNSBL SPFBL List
dynip.rothen.comDynip Rothen List
ban.zebl.zoneedit.comZoneEdit deny DNS services domains
dob.sibl.support-intelligence.netThe Day Old Bread List (aka DOB)
rhsbl.rymsho.ruRymshos RHSBL
uribl.abuse.roabuse.ro URI RBL

What is IP Blacklist?

IP blacklists are the databases of abusive and bad IP addresses which are reported by idnividuals and organizations around the world for their bad behaviorus such as attacks on services, hacking attempts etc. Once an IP address is reported to particular blacklist service the IP address is added in their database. These databases are then used by many organizations around the wrold where they filter traffic from these IPs or block them altogether.

How to use IP Blacklist Check tool?

Using the IP blacklist check is very simple:

  • Step 1: Copy your desired IP address and paste in the box above
  • Step 2: Click on “CHECK” button next to the box
  • Step 3: Check your IP address aginst each IP blacklist service as “LISTED” or “NOT LISTED”

You may want to write down the name of blacklist service where your IP address is shown as “LISTED”.

What is IP reputation?

IP reputation means that an IP address is reported and added in what number of blacklist databases, greater the number of blacklist database less the reputation of IP address holds. Yes, tt is possible that an IP address is reported and added multiple blacklist services and databases. An IP address is considered as “clean” if it is not found in any blacklist databases.

Can I get my address removed?

Of course you can. Using IP blacklist check tool gives you full list of blacklists where your IP address appears. You may want to write down the name of those blacklists and contact them individually to have your IP address removed. Remember that you may have to provide these blacklist services justification on why the IP address was reported and why it should be removed.